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Electronic content of multiple courses within the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag.


Bachelor Textile & Fashion KABK


The KABK Graduation Catalogue 2023 showcases work of PhDArts, bachelor and master students graduated at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).


Master Interior Architecture KABK


Since 2018, the MA programme Photography & Society at the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague (NL) trains and connects artists and photography professionals from around the world. Inspired by the omnipresence of images in our daily lives, and motivated by their conflicting (ab)uses, the students and alumni in this growing network try to foreground images in exciting and diverse ways. This website hosts the work of current students and alumni. It serves as a growing archive of finished works and ongoing projects allowing you to browse these and find thematic overlaps and interrelationships.


What's up this week with photos?


Plastic Justice is a pan-European educational collaboration between five art and design academies in The Hague, Reykjavík, Barcelona, London and Vilnius. Together with regional environmentally engaged NGOs and scientists, the educational programme, including a conference, exhibition and website, focusses on the long-term impact of invisible micro-plastics on the human body. Plastic Justice aims to create new knowledge through cross-academic exchange and field-research promoting conscious design education for an upcoming generation.




|>latform for /~\rts |≥esearch in (ollaboration, for (artist-) researchers working in & beyond the fields of Art, Design & Music


World-Quake is an open lecture series, streaming event and think tank for knowledge production that takes a closer look at artistic creation and participation as a tool for social and cultural critique and call for action. A selected group of speakers share cases from their own practice, focusing on innovative concepts, notions of autonomy and aesthetic production and their contextualization within times of polarizing social and political matters.