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Jamulis Windows client


Jamulus is for playing, rehearsing, or just jamming with your friends, your band or just anyone you find online. Use your Windows, macOS or Linux machine to connect to Jamulus servers worldwide, for free over a normal broadband connection.

latest client for Windows

latest client for Mac

There are a bunch of videos on Youtube on how to start out with Jamulus.
Check out this one for a start.

The Royal Conservatoire is running their own Jamulus server for fast connections in the Netherlands.


The LoLa project aims to enable real time musical performances where musicians are physically located in remote sites, connected by advanced network services.

At the Royal Conservatoire we have a LoLa network and equipment in place.


JamKazam is an innovative live music platform and social network, enabling musicians to play music together in real time from different locations over the internet as if they are sitting in the same room.

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